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Interestingly buy discount propranolol 40 mg, the prefrontal cortex value was plasma clearance or transport into the brain 80 mg propranolol for sale. Further complicating the use of the DVratio is that it is After correction of the DVratio to yield a term proportional occasionally mistaken as being proportional to Bmax and to receptor density (the BP is proportional to DVratio BP cheap propranolol 80 mg visa. Actually cheap 80 mg propranolol with amex, the BP is proportional to the term DVratio 1) this trend represents a rather large 25% decrease in the 1 buy 80 mg propranolol amex, which can be substantially different when the DVratio is depressed group. Finally, the calculation of DV and DV is usually Yatham and colleagues (134) used [18F]setoperone to ratio done without the measurement of plasma binding as it can measure 5-HT2A binding in 20 depressed and 20 controls. Indeed, the BP differs from the DVratio account for differences in nonspecific uptake and then pro- 1 only by the incorporation of the plasma binding into cessed using statistical parametric mapping (SPM). Thus, if plasma binding is unknown the use of tunately, the actual DV image was not calculated, nor the DVratio 1 is quite appropriate and will remove all individ- DVratio, as only raw PET activity from a single time frame ual and group effects of plasma binding in the receptor data. SPM performed a pixel-by-pixel ANCOVA to What is usually not appreciated is that individual variations detect pixels with significant group differences and showed in brain nonspecific binding are not corrected in the DVratio generalized decreased binding in the frontal and parietal 1 calculation. This limitation of the DVratio 1 term cortices of the depressed patient group. Yatham and col- is rarely discussed and even more rarely quantitatively exam- leagues reported that in some voxels the decrease in uptake ined. As the study was done without an equilib- The lack of suitable radioligands for human PET imag- rium state or kinetic analysis, it is unknown whether trans- Chapter 74: Imaging of Affective Disorders 1075 A B C D FIGURE 74. Parasagittal views through the head of the caudate of an anatomic magnetic resonance imaging scan and three different types of functional positron emission tomography scans. All images were collected in normal control subjects and have been converted to a standard atlas coordinate system using linear affine transformation. The upper right image is from a 60- second scan after injection with [15O]water and represents the distribution of cerebral blood flow (CBF). The lower left image is from a 30-minute scan obtained 30 minutes after injection of [11C]raclopride. The scan shows widespread low nonspecific binding (e. The lower right image is from a 30-minute scan obtained 60 minutes after injection of [18F]altanserin. Again, the cerebellum shows low nonspecific uptake, whereas the cortical gray matter shows the specific binding to the 5-HT2A serotonin receptors. These images demonstrate the ability to visualize distinct aspects of brain function using different radiotracers. Relatively high CBF is seen throughout the cerebellum and cortical and subcortical gray matter. In contrast, D2 receptors are seen to be highly concen- trated in the caudate, whereas 5- HT2A receptors are concentrated in the cortical gray matter with only small amount of receptor binding in basal ganglia. With the appropriate quantitative processing, these differences in radiotracer uptake can be expressed as relative or absolute recep- tor density. However, most of the patients were con- 2A pressed patients and seven age-matched controls. Regions currently being treated with benzodiazepines (six of seven), of interest over multiple cortical areas were used to measure which may have further confounded the results. Finally, radioligand uptake at a given time after injection and the Meltzer and colleagues (136) used [18F]altanserin to image data were normalized by first subtracting cerebellar activity eleven late-life depressed patients and age-matched controls. This result is a non- Logan graphical analysis was used to analyze regional activ- standard term that is not corrected for variations in plasma ity data and quantitate DV and the DVratio 1. Meltzer nonspecific binding (but may be corrected for variations and colleagues reported no difference between the depressed in brain nonspecific binding). However, valida- gional measures of 5-HT2A binding appear to yield slight, tion is problematic because there are few tools for verifying nonsignificant decreases in depressed populations compared rates of serotonin synthesis. The image-wide processing methods using synthetic rates appear to be highly dependent on plasma SPM, which had different methods of normalizing the ra- tryptophan levels. The work, likely using conventional analyses, is done. The authors suggest that this increase reflects de- 100,635 (137,138). The images are unusual because of the creased dopaminergic neurotransmission. Decreased synap- very high ratio of specific to nonspecific binding in the tic dopamine could then result in decreased occupancy of brain. Compared to images from labeled setoperone or al- the D2 receptors and D2 up-regulation, both factors could tanserin, in which approximately one-half of all of the brain lead to increased IBZM binding.

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Many of the economic and clinical studies coeconomics buy propranolol 80mg with visa. Methods for the conducted to date use descriptive designs or apply modeling economic evaluation of health care programmes trusted 80 mg propranolol. Oxford: Oxfor techniques based on the best source of available data generic propranolol 80 mg with mastercard. The cost-effectiveness of of sophistication of the information provided will improve buy propranolol 80mg visa. Cost-effectiveness of cantly to decisions that affect the quality of care received newer antidepressants compared with tricyclic antidepressants in by mental health patients generic propranolol 40 mg online. Pharmacotherapy 1998;18(2 pt 2): Memorial Fund Q 1966;44(3, part 2):166–206. The pharmacoeconomics of dementia Gen Psychiatry 1998;55(7):645–651. Bringing the clinical, research and economic perspec- 4. Choosing an antidepressant: effectiveness based phar- macoeconomics. Clinical and economic effectiveness of sertraline versus tricyclic antidepressants in pri- comparison of sertaline and fluoxetine in the treatment of depres- mary care. A 6-month double-blind study in a primary-care setting in 7. A Markov process analysis traline in a health maintenance organization. J Int Med Res 1995; comparing the cost effectiveness of maintenance therapy with 23(6):395–412. Psychopharmacol Bull 1998;34(3): pressant choice in primary care. Oxford: phylactic use of SSRIs in the treatment of depression. Economic outcomes cost-effectiveness of milnacipran (a SNRI) with TCAs and SSRIs: with antidepressant pharmacotherapy: a retrospective intent-to- a modeling approach. An outline Chapter 39: The Role of Pharmaceuticals in Mental Health Care Outcomes 535 for a cost-effectiveness analysis of a drug for patients with Alzhei- 44. SF-36 Health Survey J Psychiatr Res 2000;34(3):201–210. The Quality of Life of initial antidepressant drug choice in a 'real world' randomized Scale: an instrument for rating schizophrenic deficit symptoms. Quality of life in the evaluation of commu- quality of life, and medical cost outcomes of receiving recom- nity support systems. The well-being of chronic mental patients: assessing 47(6):446–452. Measurement of health state utilities for economic 41. Assessing health-related quality of life appraisal: a review. A 2-year clinical and economic follow-up Outcomes Study of Effectiveness (ROSE): a model for evaluating of patients on clozapine. Hosp Community Psychiatry 1990;41: treatment strategies in typical psychiatric practice. KANE The introduction of the randomized, double-blind, clinical with a focus on specific domains such as negative symptoms trial was one of the major advances in the development of and cognitive dysfunction. In the arena of psychotropic drug develop- of basic mechanisms should facilitate further treatment ad- ment this approach has proven to be of enormous value vances, our current knowledge of pathophysiology remains in advancing a field in which laboratory tests and strictly limited. Advances in imaging techniques and pharmacogen- objective methods for diagnosis and outcome assessment omics are also important potential developments on the are not currently available. Schizophrenia is a complex Each area of psychotropic drug development has its own illness affecting to varying degrees a range of functions, in- challenges in terms of rates of spontaneous remission, pla- cluding cognition, affect, behavior, mood, and motivation. Although there are core features of schizophrenia that involve percep- DESIGN ISSUES tion (hallucinations), cognition (attention, working mem- ory, etc. This has as the particular program of drug development. A drug de- important implications for the diagnostic process, which is velopment program needs to be comprehensive as well as also complicated by the fact that the evaluation of some adaptive so that early results can inform subsequent evalua- core features (e.

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E 80 mg propranolol visa,F: Effects of ST-91 on place aversion and somatic signs buy 80mg propranolol with mastercard. TC discount 80 mg propranolol free shipping, teeth chatter; ET discount propranolol 40mg otc, Studies by McGaugh (95) during the last several years have eye twitch; WDS discount 80mg propranolol otc, wet dog shakes; JUMP, jumping; WR, writhing; established a role for NE stimulation of receptors in the PG, penile grooming; PT, paw tremor. All data are expressed as mean standard error of the mean (n 6 to 8 animals per dose). Recently, this line of work has test for multiple comparisons. Noradrenaline in the ventral forebrain is critical for opiate withdrawal-induced aversion. Na- anesthesia of the NTS prevents the memory-enhancing ef- ture 2000;403:430–434, with permission. Because the A2 neurons 54 Neuropsychopharmacology: The Fifth Generation of Progress of the NTS strongly innervate the amygdala, this finding Anxiety indicates that the A2 neurons may be importantly involved Brain NE has long been implicated in anxiety disorders in memory modulation. By means of a place-conditioning activity in response to emotional events produces a periph- paradigm, we found that withdrawal from long-term ad- eral response (e. Importantly, the anxiogenic response to drug targets. This possible route for enhancement of emotional withdrawal is strongly attenuated by administration of the memories and other cognitive processes has received little -receptor antagonist propranolol, and by similar doses of attention previously. Such a loop may also be involved in the lipophobic 1 antagonist atenolol, which is believed to the activation of A2 neurons during opiate withdrawal that act primarily peripherally. These findings indicate that at leads to the corresponding aversive response (described least some types of anxiety involve stimulation of peripheral above) (43). This is potentially important clinically and psy- adrenoceptors. The firing patterns of LCneurons in behaving monkeys indicate that this system plays an important role in attention and performance (reviewed above) (33,54,106). In particu- lar, one mode of LCactivity, characterized by elevated tonic PSYCHOPATHOLOGY discharge, corresponds to poor performance on a continu- Depression ous performance task that requires focused attention, with a high rate of false alarm errors. These and other results Recent work by Miller et al. In their promotes high behavioral flexibility and disables focused studies, reduction of NE metabolites (presumably reflecting or selective attention (33,54). This view also implies that decreased NE turnover) after treatment with -methyl-p- attentional disorders may be associated with LCdysregula- tyrosine (AMPT) caused no change in scores on the Hamil- tion in which the proper mode of activity is not engaged ton Depression Rating Scale in normal human subjects. Specifically, several paral- contrast, AMPT administration and reductions in NE turn- lels have been noted between behaviors in monkeys during over in patients in remission from depression after treatment the tonic mode of LCactivity and symptoms of ADHD, with desipramine or mazindol significantly increased the including hypervigilance, irritability, poor focused atten- Hamilton Depression Rating Scale measures of depressive tiveness, and a high false alarm rate in continuous perfor- symptoms (97). This change was not seen in patients under mance tasks. These findings indicate that the LCmay play treatment with serotonin antidepressants (fluoxetine or ser- an important role in ADHD, and that drugs that modulate traline). The results indicate that monoamine deficiency LCmode, or switching between modes, may be helpful in alone may not produce depressive symptoms, but that dif- treating this disorder. In fact, many of the stimulants that ferent types of depression exist that respond to manipula- are effective in treating ADHD decrease tonic LCactivity. A role for the LC–NE system in attentional disorders is Advances in understanding the actions of antidepressant also indicated by behavioral pharmacology experiments by drugs have highlighted the possible role of NE systems in Arnsten and colleagues (107). New drugs such as venlafaxine, which inhibits found that overstimulation of 1 receptors in the prefrontal reuptake of both serotonin and NE, have been found to cortex produces deficits in behaviors that depend on pre- be effective, particularly in refractory depression (98). Because ADHD includes symptoms addition, the highly effective antidepressant paroxetine, of prefrontal dysfunction, these findings raise the possibility which was previously thought to act selectively to block that an overactive LCsystem may contribute to ADHD by serotonin reuptake, has recently been found also to inhibit overstimulation of 1 receptors in prefrontal areas (108). These findings confirm long-held beliefs that NE is importantly involved in depression, and indicate that blockers of NE uptake, including drugs that CONCLUSIONS selectively act at the NE transporter, such as reboxetine (101,102), may be effective in treating at least certain types An impressive amount of research on NE systems has been of affective illness (103). This work is revealing an increasingly important transport and immunofluorescence. Neuroscience 1991;41: role for brain NE in mental function and dysfunction. GABA-mediated inhibition of locus Mechanisms by which NE systems are involved in cognitive, coeruleus from the dorsomedial rostral medulla. J Neurosci addictive, stress-related, and other behavioral functions are 1989;9:2973–2981.

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However discount 80mg propranolol mastercard, with newer cheap propranolol 40mg without a prescription, more costly is evolving from individual providers being solely responsi- pharmaceuticals 40mg propranolol overnight delivery, such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibi- ble for patient outcomes to an environment where payers proven 40mg propranolol, tors (SSRIs) and atypical antipsychotic agents discount 40 mg propranolol otc, many payers institutions, and providers are being held accountable for and health professionals have questioned the value that is quality and cost of care. As financing of health care has received for the resources expended on these agents. Conse- moved to a more centralized locus of control, evaluation of quently, numerous studies have been directed at these issues. In a book For example, SSRIs have been compared to tricyclic antide- titled Who Shall Live, Victor Fuchs (2) discussed three fac- pressants (TCAs) for the treatment of depression (5–8). Over time the pendulum swings from pressant but also in which agent should be chosen as first- one to another of these dimensions. If costs containment or second-line therapy, the appropriate course (length) of goes too far, then quality or access may suffer. Likewise, it therapy, and whether initial therapy should be augmented with an additional agent (9–12). Given the wide variations in care and the possibility that alternative treatments could Ramin Mahmoud and Amy Grogg: Janssen Research Foundation, Titus- lead to similar outcomes, particularly under the less than ville, New Jersey. Kozma: Strategic Outcomes Service of Care Sciences, Inc. Reeder and Brian Meissner: College of Pharmacy, University of most efficient outcome. In a resource-constrained environ- South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina. For example, it is esti- more efficient if devoted to another alternative? One useful mated that $44 billion is spent annually on the treatment way to address this question is with data on patient and of depression and $100 billion is spent annually on the cost outcomes. The cost to treat There is an inextricable but sometimes complex relation- schizophrenia has been estimated at $33 billion per year, ship between quality of care and outcomes. Outcomes data accounting for 22% of dollars spent to treat all categories are one way of evaluating quality. Increasing competition for scarce resources encour- ment. What is acceptable quality to one person may be ages decision makers to use outcomes data to evaluate the unacceptable to another at any given level of cost. On a macro level, an analysis using These issues are not new to health care providers, but the measures of quality and cost will not define the percentage development of drug formularies as mechanisms to control of gross domestic product (GDP) that a nation should spend costs has generated a need for outcomes studies to evaluate to achieve a certain level of quality in health care, but rather the benefits obtained from new pharmacologic agents. On a micro level, arose regarding whether health care outcomes were better there is no specific quality of life score on an instrument for patients treated with SSRIs than for patients treated with that indicates if or when a drug product should be reim- traditional TCA therapy (5–7). There is no single clinical measure that indicates ceuticals was more costly than prior standard therapy (the that a patient is in perfect health. All outcomes data require TCAs), prescribed for a wide variety of patients, and had the interpretation and evaluation of a medical decision (in clinical trials) fewer side effects. Outcomes data provide one more, albeit in many were shown to be superior in some domains in clinical trials, cases relevant, piece of information on which to base deci- there was a practical question regarding whether these bene- sions. Is the total cost per acute improve outcomes, for outcomes to be documented and depressive episode (successfully treated case) therefore lower improved, this terminology must be defined in more con- with the newer products despite higher drug acquisition crete terms. One conceptualization of health care outcomes costs? Does treatment with SSRIs cost more, but provide is the economic, clinical, humanistic outcomes model better humanistic outcomes such as quality of life or quality- (ECHO) (13). This conceptualization portrays health out- adjusted life years? These are the types of questions that comes along three dimensions. Clinical outcomes are out- outcomes research and pharmacoeconomic evaluations at- comes related to the effects of medical treatments or disease tempt to answer. This chapter does not specifically address on medical events such as hospitalization or death (i. Economic outcomes are usually expressed as costs issues in outcomes research. Humanistic out- from an evaluation of a body of literature. In addition to these outcomes, there are cal aspects of the treatment of mental health diseases.

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